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IFAB has deployed a ‘Dutch auction’ system

in which the Digital Auction Clock runs in the decreasing order and the price per stem reduces from maximum to minimum. The minimum/ base price is fixed by the grower / supplier while the maximum price is fixed by IFAB, considering the demand for flowers. Only the registered sellers and buyers are allowed to participate in the auction. The auction starts at 8.30 AM every day and runs till the stock is cleared. One special feature of IFAB is that the auction is done on all 365 days in a year, in order to help sellers and buyers in maintaining continuity in their business.

A very wide and deep assortment of flowers is available through the IFAB auction clocks on a daily basis. Approximately, 5,000 auction transactions are observed every day.


Remote Buying

IFAB is deploying following types of advanced auction systems to attract more new buyers located at far away places.

In order to take advantage of new market demand, economic developments and technological possibilities, IFAB invests a great deal in the system of sale through the clock. For example, IFAB offers dealers sophisticated facilities for online buying: Remote Buying. With the help of such services as Remote Buying, IFAB is able to attract an increasing number of (international) buyers to the auction. And the stronger the ‘purchasing power’, the more attractive it is for growers to trade their products through IFAB.

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With our large marketplace, we have easy access to the largest international clientele in the Nation. The Growers products are put on a global stage. Via our digital trade platforms, our remote auction clocks, and direct auction sales, we serve every customer’s wishes, from small to large orders. And one can rely on a competitive price, fair competition, and payment security. The largest concentrated marketplace in the Nation with over 200+ customers and regular 50 customers every day.

Visit the flower auction

Experience the ease of trade and hurdles of the auction floor

Watch traders bidding against the clock and be amazed at the number of beautiful flowers traded daily from more than three states. Visitors are warmly welcomed by our IFAB Bengaluru locations.

Visit International Flower Auction Bangalore and watch the entire auction and process of the auction from Receiving to Distribution. A unique experience you’ll remember forever.

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