We're the First and Largest
International Flower Auction
Company in Asia

International Flower Auction Bangalore


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About us

International Flower Auction Bangalore (IFAB) Limited is a joint venture company of public and private shareholders, established during 2002 to strike the potential of both export and domestic flower market

Our Mission

The prime objective of the company is to auction high-quality cut-flowers of various flowers crops, every day. It creates a platform for both sellers and buyers, who can earn great profits. This is the first International Flower Auction Company in Asia situated in Bangalore, the Garden City of India.


Flowers Fresh From 


Our Farm-to-Table flowers ship fresh from eco-friendly, sustainable farms from around the world so they last. 

Are You a Grower or Seller?

International Flower Auction offers the largest global market for selling all your flowers and plants plus an efficient and competent logistics geared to all your trade flows. You can rely on us for a competitive price for your products, fair competition, and payment security.


Why Choose Us?

IFAB offers its registered growers and buyers to sell or buy roses. Its auction is where 95% of all roses are sold.

Direct Exports of Flowers from Bangalore

Middlemen totally eliminated

Assured flower quality and realizing better values

Reduced damages on flowers due to Cold Chain

Computerized Auctions, Faster Billing and Assured Payments

Space available for flower processing – Safe Export Cycle

Increased Average Unit Value Realization for Flowers

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