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 In Big Garden, Fireplace

The International Flower Auction Bangalore Ltd is a trading platform for flowers is a Nation in itself. Visitors have to come early by 8:30 am to see this famous auction, but it’s worth it.
Experience the ease of trade and hurdles of the auction floor, watch traders bidding against the clock and be amazed at the number of beautiful flowers traded daily from more than three states. Visitors are warmly welcomed by our IFAB Bengaluru locations. Visit International Flower Auction Bangalore and watch the entire auction and process of the auction from Receiving to Distribution. A unique experience you’ll remember forever. Our location at Bengaluru is the largest trading center for flowers in the Nation. And it’s just a few kilometers away from Bangalore International airport. This is the only place in the Nation where one can watch the full process of Auction. The auction is open to visitors on all working day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We advise you to start your visit as early as possible because in the early hour’s everything is in full activity. The earlier you come, the more you see! The auction is closed to visitors on holidays.
Bengaluru is our only location in the Nation. And you’ll find a warm welcome here. Come and see with your own eyes what happens at the famous Flower auction. Make an appointment by sending an email to [email protected] and get a confirmation and other contact details for benefit.

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